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Things To Know

Q.  What is a Marriage Commissioner?

A.  A Marriage Commissioner, also referred to or known as an Officiant, is appointed by the Alberta Government  

and is able to perform civil ceremonies. This is an alternative to religious ceremonies.  There are no legal

differences between these two types of ceremonies.

Q.  How far in advance should I book a Marriage Commissioner?

A.  The sooner the better.  Ideal is about 6-12 months in advance to guarantee their services. However, bookings

are accepted anytime for elopements and destination ceremonies depending on the Officiant’s schedule.

Q.  How long is the ceremony AND do we need a rehearsal?

A.  A standard ceremony is usually between 20 - 30 minutes. Adding additional readings or symbolic components

will add time.  A rehearsal is up to you;  it is highly recommended as it minimizes the stress especially when there

is a large Bridal Party.  Rehearsal takes about an hour and there is an additional fee for the Marriage Commissioner.

Q.  How do we get a Marriage Licence?

A.  They cost a fee and are available from an Alberta registry office:

Q.  What is a Civil Marriage Statement?

A.  It is a written statement provided by the Marriage Commissioner serving as proof of marriage.

Q.  What is a Marriage Certificate?

A.  Alberta Vital Statistics maintains a record of all marriages that occur in Alberta – it usually takes about three

weeks to be registered following your marriage. The appropriate form must be completed and submitted through

an authorized registry agent in Alberta - there is a fee.

Q.  Can our Marriage Certificate be rushed through? 

A.  Yes. Weddings by Seanna, will hand deliver your authorized wedding licence to an Alberta registries office for

rush processing There is a rush fee for this service.

Q.  Other than the Marriage Licence and a Marriage Commissioner, what else is needed for my ceremony?

A.  Two witnesses that are 18 or older to sign the Alberta Marriage Licence. Weddings by Seanna can provide witnesses, if needed for an additional fee.

Q.  Do you perform Same-Sex Ceremonies? 

A.  Yes I do.

Q.  Where can we hold our Ceremony?

A.  Pretty much anywhere you like, however any public areas will either require permission (in writing to be safe),

a small fee or even a permit. It’s important to check. If you plan to be married outside, be sure to have a PLAN B

in case of weather or construction issues.

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