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Marriage Ceremony Requirements &

How To Obtain Your Marriage Licence

Please find below some links to assist you with information on

how to obtain your Marriage Licence.

To get Married in Alberta, here’s how it works:

A couple must apply for a Marriage Licence at an Alberta Registries Office.  

This legally proves to the Marriage Commissioner that a couple

meets the requirements to get married in Alberta.  Here’s more:


Find a Registries Office here:





The registry agent issues a two part document.  The top part is a Registration of Marriage and the bottom part is the Marriage Licence. The full document (top and bottom) must be given to the Marriage Commissioner prior to the Ceremony. 


The document must be kept in good condition and NOT be folded. This is important

as the Registration of Marriage portion becomes the LEGAL marriage record and is permanently archived.

You will also require a location/venue to be married and two witnesses who are both 18 years or older. ​ If needed, Weddings by Seanna can provide them for you.

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